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About Us


Customise Solutions is a Ghanaian wholly owned software engineering company. The company was started in 2011 for the sole purpose of using computer softwares to solve problems of companies and organisations in Ghana. Our niche is to build customise softwares to solve problems of companies. We specialise in transforming your paper / analog based business processes into centralised computerised processes.
We have clients in almost every sector of the Ghanaian economy. These include

  • Mining Services Companies
  • Microfinance and MoneyLender
  • Law Firms
  • Factories
  • Pharmacuticals
  • Haulage Companies
  • Retails Centers
  • And much more...

Our Clients

We have the following product that have been developed for clients.

Daily Water Limited, ACP / Aquasoft

Daily water uses one of our products called Aquasoft which is a software for the production, sales and management of a pure water factory. This software increase efficency and accountability so much that it has been deployed in all three Daily water factories and the directors can sleep well at night. Aquasoft makes management of factories easy.

Adniad Pharmacy, Panteng / Pharma

Pharma is a pharmacy management software. It keeps track of the restocking, sales and cashier for the pharmacy. Every item can be tracked. Its such and efficent tool in removing employee thrift and increaseing accountablility. There are two version the offline version and the online version which comes with a libary of medicines

Wintrust Investment, Dome / Plus

Plus is a microfinance software. It has modules including teller operations, loans management, investments, BOG reports, and General reports as well a a full system administration. Plus improve the reporting to BOG and operations as well as accounting for the company. they are still very grateful for plus. Generation of timely reports, alerts on loan defaulter etc.

H&L MoneyLenders, Kanda / Moneylender

H&L is money lending company. It gives out LOANs and mobilise INVESTMENT. These investors have to be paid the interest on their investment in a timely clockwork manner without fail and loans payments have to be managed as well as DEFAULTER alerts. Generate BOG REPORTS, ACCOUNTING done. These are the problems that moneylender provided solutions to.